Dear Friends,

February is the month of love, marriage and friendship and in the run up to Valentines day we have been busy making all sorts of rings and things!

Rings come in many forms and mean different things to different people, some of the most popular rings are based on themes of faith, covenant, wedding, engagement, eternity, friendship and Love.


Love is the most powerful and most creative force in the universe, it reaches out and touches all around it, it replicates and multiplies itself, it heals and restores. It renews and regenerates. It always builds unity, harmony and peace.

At MasterPeace Academy our theme is Ubuntu a South African word meaning ‘I am because you are and ‘unity, harmony and peace’. For me Ubuntu equals love in action, always treating others with respect and the way we would want to be treated, always listening and always valuing others as equal human beings.

Our mission at MasterPeace is to promote greater diversity in the British jewellery trade. For us diversity is not just a buzz word, its a cultivated representation of who we are. We are all different, our journeys and experiences are different yet through creative collaboration we are one…this is love in action!

Creativity, community, connections and craftsmanship….

Drawing from African/Caribbean culture, philosophy art, history, people and places we are building community, forging connections, developing skills and craftsmanship and creating legacy. .

Building Community:

Our community is growing and by the end of 2022 after just one year of trading, we will have trained at least 24 students, mostly young people aged between 18 – 25 through our various programs.

We are a team of 5 core tutors with guest tutors often invited to share their expertise!

Forging connections:

We are working with local employers and key players in the industry to make Birmingham jewellery quarter relevant and accessible to the local community.


Our knowledge bank tutors are all members of ‘The Black JQ Guild’, practicing jewellers and master craftsmen boasting around 300 years of jewellery making experience between us. Working with small groups of just 6 -7 students at a time skills are transferred in a most effective, supportive way and culturally relevant way.

Kick Start your career in the Jewellery trade:

If your a young person aged 18 – 25 years old with a keen interest in the jewellery trade, Our Kick start program means you will be paid national minimum wage whilst you train with us for 25 hours per week. Please get in touch for more information.Email : Tel: 0121 554 4575 or 07882 980730. or visit our website at:


If your an employer in the jewellery or allied trades, ‘show us some love today’ by sponsoring a student or offering a work placement! email : or call : 0121 554 4575 or 07882 980730.


We are so so grateful to all of our friends and supporters.With special thanks to :

official sponsors of our current kick Start program

Join Us!
Our next Kick start program starts on March 1st. If you are aged 18 -25 and would love to kick start a career in the Jewellery Trade in a culturally relevant, diverse and inclusive setting, get in touch today!

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