Dear Friends,   “He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement that bought our peace was upon Him and by His stripes we are healed” Isaiah 53:5     Easter is a most sacred time in the Christian calendar when we commemorate the sacrificial death and celebrate the triumphant resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. His victory over sin, death and hell means we have a certain hope of eternal life. How do we know for sure that Jesus is alive? Because He lives in us!   Whilst on a visit to Edinburgh last weekend I approach a stand on a street corner where someone was giving away free copies of the Koran, as I approached the stand and before I said a word he said: “Your a Christian and you’ve come to debate with me about the faith”. I wasn’t wearing any of my faith jewellery that day so I smiled wondering how he could tell I was a Christian; Is it so obvious? Could he see Jesus in me? We talked about the similarities of our shared ‘Abrahamic faiths’, but when we spoke about Jesus he found it impossible to comprehend how God could allow His only son to die as a sacrifice for everyone, even the worst of sinners… “That my friend, I said, is the mystery of grace, that even the most underserving of us can be redeemed through faith because of the supreme incomprehensible to the human mind, sacrifice of Christ which we celebrate at Easter.

My Jesus Pendant By Norma

Our ‘My Jesus ‘ pendant by Norma is a depiction of the ‘Passion of Christ’ highlighting His supreme sacrifice in suffering for our sins. Its crafted in silver and gold with genuine rubies. Available for sale at:   Proceeds of sales from Silver Fish Jewellery supports our community and charitable projects including:  

MASTERPEACE ACADEMY:   MasterPeace Academy CIC creates access to the Jewellery trade for youth of the local community who might otherwise face systemic barriers to entry. Buy or donate at:   AMICAL ARTS INTERNATIONAL:   To develop a creative academy for disadvantaged children in Haiti. Buy, donate or sponsor a child at:  

PAST PROJECTS INCLUDE:   We have worked with a range of Christian organisations to develop projects in : Haiti 2010, India : 2012, Nigeria 2014 & 2016 and Grenada in 2019.  

WEAR, SHARE OR GIVE SILVERFISHJEWELLERY:   Wearing Silver Fish Jewellery allows you to make a personal statement of style and faith without speaking a word. Browse and buy online today at:   COMMISSION US:  

We love to signify your faith journey and milestone moments with our unique contempory exquisite designs in silver and gold, inspired by The Bible. Faith, covenant, wedding and engagement rings are a speciality. We love creating bespoke pieces for all the family for every occasion!  

GRATITUDES:   This year we celebrate 21 years of trading, we thank God for sustaining us and offer a heart felt THANK YOU to all of our customers and friends. We are so grateful for your ongoing friendship and support, you mean the world to us!

Image: Founder: Norma J Banton Photo by: Tinaye Makuyana

“Make Jewellery, change lives”  

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